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Episode 54. Jimmy Ulu Napeahi

Ulu is a pro surfer from the Big island. He’s had an amazing journey to get to where he is now with an incredible story of surviving a tiger shark attack. This is one you don’t want to miss.

Episode 53. Bonga Perkins

Bonga Perkins is a two time world champion longboard pro surfer. He is an extraordinary waterman and a newly become family man. This week we got to sit down and talk story and see what’s been going on.

Episode 52. Brian Biellman and Jamie Steinhilber

It’s the Halloween edition and I was able to sit down with Bryan and Jamie and talk real life Paranormal experiences. Hope you enjoy. BOO 👻!!!!

Episode 51. Brad Kelley

Brad is an incredible athlete that has overcome a terrible disease that causes  paralysis from the neck down. He then become a triathlete completing 14 Ironman competitions, double and triple Ironmans, and has just completed the World Championships here in Kona. We got to sit down the day after and talk about his experience. Find out what’s next for him…maybe  Decaman USA?!

Episode 50. Eddie Lfft

Eddie is a stand-up comedian who always leaves people in tears. You may have heard him on Joe Rogan’s podcast or even seen him on late night shows. He is also the host of the “Bingle Show” and co hosts ” The Wadcast”. We got to sit down in Venice and talk shit. Tune in. Your gonna love it.

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