Episode 54. Jimmy Ulu Napeahi

Ulu is a pro surfer from the Big island. He’s had an amazing journey to get to where he is now with an incredible story of surviving a tiger shark attack. This is one you don’t want to miss.

Episode 53. Bonga Perkins

Bonga Perkins is a two time world champion longboard pro surfer. He is an extraordinary waterman and a newly become family man. This week we got to sit down and talk story and see what’s been going on.

Episode 52. Brian Biellman and Jamie Steinhilber

It’s the Halloween edition and I was able to sit down with Bryan and Jamie and talk real life Paranormal experiences. Hope you enjoy. BOO 👻!!!!

Episode 51. Brad Kelley

Brad is an incredible athlete that has overcome a terrible disease that causes  paralysis from the neck down. He then become a triathlete completing 14 Ironman competitions, double and triple Ironmans, and has just completed the World Championships here in Kona. We got to sit down the day after and talk about his experience. Find out what’s next for him…maybe  Decaman USA?!

Episode 50. Eddie Lfft

Eddie is a stand-up comedian who always leaves people in tears. You may have heard him on Joe Rogan’s podcast or even seen him on late night shows. He is also the host of the “Bingle Show” and co hosts ” The Wadcast”. We got to sit down in Venice and talk shit. Tune in. Your gonna love it.

Episode 49. Mark “Buggs” Arico

“Buggs” is one of my good buddy’s that has an amazing one of a kind surfboard collection and he also is the owner of Punta Conejo surf resort in Mexico. We got to talk story while I was in California.

Episode 48. Ryan Kohatsu

Ryan Kohatsu is an avid archer specializing in the traditional long bow and compound bow. Ryan also is a huge activist for hunters rights in the state of Hawaii. We got to sit down and talk story after the fight of the year and see what’s been going on.

Episode 47. Cherise Matthews

Cherise is a guru in the network marketing biz and in 7 short years has skyrocketed to elite levels and makes life changing money. She shares her story, with tips and advice for anyone looking into getting into any MLN.

Episode 46. Warren Sap

Warren Sap is a former Hall of Fame NFL defensive lineman and a Super Bowl champion. He is known as the quarterback killer. He’s played for Tampa bay and finished his career in Oakland as a Raider. We got to sit down and talk story while he was here in Kona trying to catch the elusive 1000lb blue marlin.

Episode 45.  Nissen Osterneck

Nissen is back for more. He’s over here in kona on a spear fishing trip and had a chance to sit down and talk story with me before he left.

Episode 44.  Gretchen Rhodes

Gretchen is based out of Maui and is the singer for Mick Fleetwoods band. She has an amazing voice and also has a electronic band called Embassy of Joy which back on 2015 had the number 1 song in the world for 3 months. We got to sit down before her gig and talk story. Tune in because she’s funny as well.

Episode 43.  Dustin Fiero

Dustin is a Tavarua boatman, champion paddleboarder, San Diego lifeguard and water patrol for the WSL Big Wave World Tour. We got to sit down and talk story while he was in town hunting with me.

Episode 42.  Ken Meidell

Ken is the new CEO of Dakine and also a mountain biker, mountain climber, snowboarder, and 80s skateboarder who learned to surf during summers spent in HB. We sit down after the re-opening of Dakine’s original Cannery location in Haiku to talk story about career, music and family.

Episode 41.  Aamion Goodwin

Aamion is a legendary pro surfer and world traveler. Born and raised between Kauai and Fiji,  Aamion has seen it all. We got to sit down after the Kona Surf Film Festival and talk story about his wipeout at Pipeline and his new movie “Given”, that’s winning awards every time it’s shown. Sit back and enjoy.

Episode 40.  Jack Johnson

From the north shore of Oahu jack is world renowned for his soft rock acoustic sounds. He sat down with me after doing some shows with G Love and we got to talk story about life, family, surfing and his new North American tour.

Episode 39.  Alan Joaquin

Alan is a pilot for Hawaiian Airlines and is also the founder and developer of GR3EN superfood brew. We got to sit down and talk story about some close calls while flying and how he got into the juice business.

Episode 38.  Leon Mobley

Leon is a percussionist and drummer for the band “Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals”. He’s played with the likes of Damien Marley, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, NAS and many more. I met Leon while on tour with G Love. He is an amazing musician with a great story to tell.

Episode 37.  Billy Kemper

Billy Kemper is a professional surfer from Hawaii and is the back to back winner of the Jaws big wave surf contest on Maui. Recently we got to sit down and talk about the 2017 winter and what its like to win the best big wave contest in the world, twice!

Episode 36.  Chad Campbell

Chad is an award winning movie producer and director, cinematographer, rapper, Tavarua island boat man,and good friend. He is also the founder of the Kona Surf Film Festival. We got to sit down in Fiji and talk story.

Episode 35.  Logan Gelbrich

Logan is a former professional baseball player and owner of “Deuce Gym” and “Original Nutritionals” He also co-sponsors this amazing podcast. We got got to sit down in Fiji and talk story about the fitness industry and nutrition.

Episode 34.  Jordan Palmer

Jordan is a former NFL quarterback. While we were in Fiji I got to kick it with my buddy at the “Bula Bar” about his career, life after football and what direction he is headed in now.

Episode 33.  Lakey Peterson

Lakey is a top ranked professional surfer and flat out surfs better than you ever will. We got to sit down while we were in Fiji and talk story about life on tour and life in general. Sit back and enjoy one of my favorite ladies.

Episode 32.  Tait Fletcher

Tait is one of the most bad ass stuntman and humans on the planet. He is an actor, former UFC fighter and host of the major podcast “Pirate Life Radio”. We got to sit down while in Fiji and talk story.

Episode 31.  Kelley James

Kelly is a musician, singer songwriter, who also did the theme song for this podcast. He also has one of the most amazing freestyle games ever. We got to talk story while we were in Fiji in between surfs.

Episode 30.  Hilary Shepard

Hilary is an american actress, model, singer and author. We got to sit down in Fiji and talk story. She is an amazing and beautiful woman. Check it out.

Episode 29.  Yesod Williams

Yesod is a great friend and a member of the band “Pepper”. While in LA on the set of the “Kook, Yesod came and hung out and we were able to sit down and talk story. Check out one of the coolest guys in rock ‘n’ roll.

Episode 28.  Bryana Salaz

Bryan Salaz is an American pop singer-songwriter and actress and best know for her appearance on NBC’s “The Voice ” Season 7 as part of Gwen Stefanis team. She is currently starring in Disney’s hit show “Best Friends Whenever” and the show “Urban Cowboy”. We sat down on the set of the film “Kook’ and talked story.

Episode 27.  Justin Lee

He is back form the spearfishing world championships in Greece and doing what no other American has done in 30 years and made the top ten.

Episode 26.  Omar “Iceman” Sharif

Born in Brooklyn NY  “Ice” has become a major force in Hip Hop. He is a former rapper and now the CEO of Iceman Entertainment. He directed and produced the hit documentary for Showtime “American Rap Stars” and most recently was the executive consultant on Sticky Fingaz Film “A Day in the Life.”

Episode 25.  Craig Monk

Craig is a New Zealand native and sailor who specializes in speed racing. He’s an Olympic medalist and has won the Americas Cup twice and the World Cup over a dozen times. He just got back from Sardinia where he won it again. Find out what it takes to become a champion.

Episode 24.  Nissen Osterneck

Nissen is a Hebrew Hawaiian ambassador and a veteran UFC fighter from Maui. He’s currently working with the Mauliola Foundation and sits down with me and talks story about UFC 202 and Maui life.

Episode 23.  Matt Meola

Matt and pro surfer from maui famous for his Aerial antics above the lip such as the spindal flip 540. The only person in the world to have done that. He’s also an avid Bowhunter and one of the funniest guys out there.

Episode 22.  Justin Lee

Justin is a champion spear fisherman, extreme archer, fireman, EMT, host of JLee stories, husband, good friend and all around the guy you want to know!  We sit down and talk stories with a couple of special call in guests.

Episode 21.  Dave Cunningham

David is and international filmmaker that’s traveled to over 150 different countries. He sits down with me and talks about his projects and his new baby “Honua studios” right here in Kona.

Episode 20.  Brian Bielmann

Brian is a one of the worlds most incredible surf photographers and a great friend. He came to visit me and shoot the lava flows and we got to sit down and talk story about some of his amazing adventures he’s witnessed and photographed.

Episode 19.  BC William Crawford

“BC” William Crawford is a legendary world traveler and Kona big game fisherman who has  traveled the world and experienced things that few will never get to do.

Episode 18.  Mike Spalding

Mike is 69 and an oceanic marathon swimmer. He is one of two people to swim all channels and the only person to ever get bit by a cookie cutter shark.

Episode 17.  Dave Kalama

Dave is a legendary Hawaiian waterman. He was one of the original strapped members who helped start tow-in surfing and foil surfing. He sits down and talks surfing, family and the future of stand paddle boards.

Episode 16.  Alison Teal

Alison Is a modern day female Indiana Jones with a cause, a camel, and a pink eco surfboard. Alison sit down with me and talks about her adventures on the hit show “naked and afraid” and shares global secrets of survival and sustainability.

Episode 15.  Parker Mclachlin

Parker is a professional golfer on the PGA TOUR. He is a Honolulu native that’s currently living in Scottsdale, AZ. We got to chat while he’s here in town about life on tour and what it takes to make it in the world of golf.

Episode 14.  Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny is a 7 time world champion stand up paddle boarder and big wave charger. He was over here on the Big Island and I caught up with him as he was heading home. Tune in and let’s see what’s been going on in his world.

Episode 13.  Niccolo Porccela

Niccolo is an extreme athlete. He rides big waves, to Base jumps and even flies arounnd in squirrel suits. He’s also a gymnast and martial artist. He is proof that hard work and dedication pays off. Niccolo just released his new showreel called “ELEMENTS”. I got to sit down with him on Maui before he leaves for the next 6 months in Europe doing what we all dream of doing –  “FLYING”.

Episode 12.  Andrew West

Andrew West is Australian and has a Ph.D in Environmental Science and Marine Biology. He also a masters in Zoology. Andrew has a bunch of TV shows which he stars in. Listen in, this guy is hilarious.

Episode 11.  Cassy White

Cassy is an incredible young up and coming artist on the Big Island. She talks about what it was like growing up in an artist rich environment and how she got started with her 3 dimensional pieces.

Episode 10.  Dave Wassel

Dave is a North Shore lifeguard, big wave surfer, commentator and a good friend. He’s funny as hell so check it out.

Episode 9.  Jim Burnworth

Jim is the host and creator of the outdoor channels  “Western Extreme” and many other shows. He’s here on the big island with me where I get to be his co-host for a few episodes. We get to sit down and talk about archery, conservation and some life stories. Tune in for a great show and get some tips.

Episode 8.  Troy Reynolds

Troy is an Australian archer who helped me get on my big fallow deer last month. He also has a camouflage clothing company and a media company called Australian bowhunting media.

Episode 7.  Tom Carroll

Tom is a two time world champion pro surfer and big wave Hellman. He sits down with me in Sydney and talks about this crazy El Niño winter we’ve had.

Episode 6.  Ross Williams

Ross Williams is an ex pro surfer and now the lead commentator for the WSL. Ross was an original member of the momentum generation.

Episode 5.  Vava Ribeiro

Vava Ribeiro is a fashion photographer originally from Brazil now living in New York City. Find out what it takes to make it in a biz where everyone has a camera.

Episode 4.  Fred Patacchia

I have a talk with Fred right after the Eddie Aikau big wave event and ask him about walking away from the tour in style with a perfect 10. It blew everyone’s minds. Let’s find out why.


Episode 3.  Jason Shibata

We sat down with Jason right after the VOLCOM pipe pro where he was a sideline reporter. Jason is a pro surfer from Hawaii and we talked about how he got there and where he’s at now.


Episode 2.  Sal Masekela

Sal is an American television host, sports commentator, actor, and singer.


Episode 1.  G Love

To start it off I have G LOVE. We talk story about his new tour “Love saves the Day” and find out some pretty interesting stuff from this talented musician and amazing human.